2018 års Cocker show domare heter Samantha Gladman, GB,
Kennel Chativore.

The Cocker Spaniel has always been part of my life since childhood; my love for this wonderful breed has never wavered with the loving nature and busy personalities of these dogs. We are a small hobby kennels based in Nottinghamshire (UK), from the granting of my affix (Chativore) in 2001, we have owned, exhibited and bred both solid and parti-coloured cockers. We continue to show “our blues” with a degree of success throughout the UK. I have judged across a range of levels in the UK, with the honour of judging four breed club open shows, and the approval to judge at championship level in 2019. This will be my first judging appointment outside the UK; I am looking forward to judging in Sweden, and meeting you and your cocker spaniels.

/Samantha Gladman (Chativore)

Resultat Cocker Show 2018

BIS: DK CH(U), SE U(U) CH Backhills Living The Dream, Ägare: Anette Westher (Hane)
BIS-R: NORD UCH NO JV-15 NORD V-15 JV-15 Art-Wave´s Madame Muffins, Ägare: Jens Karlsson (Tik)

Bästa Hane:
1 .DK CH(U), SE U(U) CH Backhills Living The Dream, Ägare: Anette Westher
2. SE JV-17 Perchwater Follow Your Dream, Ägare: Madeleine Ivarsson
3. Art-Wave´s Croque Monsieur, Ägare: Jens Karlsson
4. Oakbeach Take A Chance On Me, Ägare: Ellinor och Klara Nilsson

Bästa Tik:
1. NORD UCH NO JV-15 NORD V-15 JV-15 Art-Wave´s Madame Muffins, Ägare: Jens Karlsson
2. Wavecatcher Rock´N´Romance, Ägare: Cornelia Morgonstierna
3. SE U(U)CH Wavecatcher Miss Vera Wang, Ägare: Åsa Bengtsson
4. Wavecatcher Notable Daiquiri, Ägare: Åsa Bengtsson

Bästa valp klass I:
BIS : Polly Bridge The Blue Motion, Ägare: Ewa Angsmo (Tik)
BIS-R : Cocketts Mirtak, Ägare: Jens/Anneli Köhne (Hane)

Bästa Junior:
BIS: Wavecatcher Rock´N´Romance, Ägare: Cornelia Morgonstierna (Tik)

Bästa Unghund:
BIS: SE JV-17 Perchwater Follow Your Dream, Ägare: Madeleine Ivarsson (Hane)
BIS-R: Wavecatcher Notable Daiquiri, Ägare: Åsa Bengtsson (Tik)

Bästa Veteran:
BIS: SE U(U)CH Manaca´s It´s In His Kiss, Ägare: Madeleine Ivarsson (Hane)
BIS-R: Lönnbackens Fudge, Ägare: Jennie Persson (Tik)

BIS Uppfödarklass: Kennel Lönnbacken, Inger Jönsson
BIS Avelsklass: SE U(U) CH Merry Cocktails Moray, Inger Jönsson

Barn Med Hund 1: Nanna Sabel med Tösen
Barn Med Hund 2:  Alex Ahlgren med Tequila

Hela Resultatet:

Hanar:                                                                            Tikar:         
Valpklass 1                                                       Valpklass 1
1.Cockett´s Mirtak  BIS-R                                  1.Polly Bridge The Blue Motion BIS
2.                                                                               2.
3.                                                                               3.
4.                                                                               4.

Juniorklass                                                          Juniorklass
1.Allert´s Snow Man                                               1.Wavecatchers Rock´N´Romance BIS J
2.HighlightersThe Perfect Cover Up                   2.Samulett´s Haiti
3.                                                                                3.
4.                                                                                4.

Unghundsklass                                                  Unghundsklass
Perchwater Follow Your Dreams BIS U         1.Wavecatcher Notable Daiquiri BIS-R U
2.                                                                              2.
3.                                                                              3.
4.                                                                              4.

Öppenklass                                                         Öppenklass
1.Oakbeach Take A Chance on Me                      1.Cockerlykke Will To Please
2.Art-Wave´s Croque Monsieur                               2. Manaca´s One Moment Please
3.Lönnbackens Smokey Cid                                 3.Lönnbackens Beautifly
4.Lönnbackens Curry                                                   4.Lönnbackens Akleja

Championklass                                                 Championklass
1.Backhills Living The Dream BIS                      1.Art-Wave´s Madame Muffins BIS -R
2.Merry Cocktails Moray                                            2.Wavecatcher Miss Vera Wang
3.                                                                               3.
4.                                                                               4.

Veteranklass                                                     Veteranklass
1. Manaca´s It´s In His Kiss BIS V                     1.Lönnbackens Fudge BIS-R V
2.Lönnbackens Black Magic                                    2.Brightwood´s Sheer Bliss
3.                                                                               3.
4.                                                                               4.

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